C20 Turkey analysis of G20 Commitments in 2015

The G20 outcomes may be assessed at two key levels. The first is the extent to which the policy commitments made by the G20 in 2015 (as articulated in the Antalya Leaders’ Declaration and its supporting documents) reflect the C20’s specific policy recommendations. Assessing the impact of the influencing work of the C20 through the review of the G20 communiqué and other documents is a first step in understanding the efficiency of the C20’s advocacy. This assessment will continue with an external evaluation of the whole C20 process.


C20 and W20 Joint Statement

A joint statement on gender equality was issued by C20 and W20 on Saturday November 14th, one day ahead of the G20 Summit. The joint statement was announced through a press conference that took place in the International Media Center on November 14th.