The C20’s overarching aim is to tackle inequalities and promote sustainable and inclusive development. In order to achieve this overall goal civil society collectively decided upon four key priorities for the C20 in 2015 through a participatory online survey (PDF):

  1. Governance, with a focus on anti-corruption and tax justice;
  2. Inclusive growth, with a focus on access to basic social services and employment, including SMEs;
  3. Gender equality, with a focus on women’s access to social protection and women’s employment, including SMEs;
  4. Sustainability, with a focus on renewable energy and access to energy.

C20 Policy Papers

Organizations from 91 countries, including approximately 5,000 individuals, have been working together for the last 18 months via the C20 to engage with G20 governments on some of the critical issues facing today's world.

You can download the final C20 Policy Papers for 2015 here: