The C20 (short for ‘Civil 20’) is a platform for civil society organisations from around the world to engage with G20 governments on the key issues facing our world today.

The C20 brings civil society together to influence the G20. The C20 steering committee supports civil society to get its messages across more effectively by acting as an interface with G20 decision-makers. We do this by working with national and international organisations to identify shared priorities and policy recommendations. Then, we work together to promote these with relevant G20 decision-makers.

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The G20’s focus is mainly economic, and its decisions have far-reaching impacts around the world. For this reason, civil society organisations have been working to influence the G20 ever since it was established in 1999. However, it was only in 2013 that civil society was recognised by the G20 as an official engagement group, alongside the B20 (Business 20), T20 (Think20) and Labour20 (L20), amongst others.

Each year, the C20 is coordinated by organisations from the G20 host country. Russian civil society organised the first ever C20 in 2013. The 2014 C20 was held in Australia.  Now that the G20 Presidency has passed to Turkey, it is the turn of Turkish civil society to organise the C20. 

This year, our steering committee is made up of 12 civil society organisations working locally, nationally and internationally, across a range of issues. To find out more about which organisations are facilitating the C20 Turkey, and for more details on our organisational structure and governance, please see this page