Bringing together more than 500 civil society representatives from 52 countries, the C20 Turkey Summit took place on September 15-16th in Bogazici University, Istanbul. Aimed at bringing a wide spectrum of civil society representatives together, the summit was the final event of the C20 Turkey’s ongoing policy development process.

Taking place in one of the most prestigious higher education institutions in Turkey, Bogazici University, the C20 Summit started off with welcoming delegates from all over the World. The C20 Summit incorporated innovative, interactive, and engaging session methodologies that provided a platform for participants to share their inspiring stories, present key facts, and develop joint advocacy strategies together.

The key output of the Summit was the C20 Communique, which was finalized and unanimously endorsed by the Summit participants on September 16th. More information about the Communiqué, including the final document, is available here.

Throughout the summit, the participants had the opportunity to deliberate on C20-2015 priority issues, including inequality, governance, gender equality and sustainability. Representatives of the civil society have also had the chance to raise their concerns and debate with key experts and influential figures in those respective areas during the second day of the Summit. On September 16th, Mrs. Sare Davutoglu shared her perspective on addressing global challenges with a particular focus on the refugee crisis. The Summit also welcomed prominent economist Dr. Daron Acemoglu who shared his remarks on the subject of “Democracy, Civil Society and Economic Growth.” The presentation was then followed by a panel discussion on the C20 Communique which was attended by influential figures including Mr. Ufuk Akcigit (University of Pennsylvania), Ms. Hilal Elver (UN Special Rapporteur on the Right of Food), Ms. Shelly Inglis (UNDP Bureau for Policy and Programme Support), Mr. Sol Picciotto (BEPS Monitoring Group), and Mr. Gonenc Gurkaynak (Lawyer.)

The final C20 communiqué was handed over to the Turkish government officials during the closing ceremony by the C20 Turkey Chair Zeynep Bodur Okyay. Deputy Prime Minister Mr. Cevdet Yilmaz, Turkey’s G20 Sherpa Ambassador Ms. Ayse Sinirlioglu, and Former Deputy Prime Minister Mr. Ali Babacan welcomed the policy recommendations presented in the Communiqué, expressing the importance of such focused and concrete recommendations coming from civil society for the work of the G20.